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  • Erase Earrings
  • Material: Silver 1st Law 925 thousandths
  • Finish: Vermeil plated in 18K rose gold, 3 microns thick.sor.
  • Gems:
    • Zircon Garnet
    • Zircon Peridot
    • Zircon Pink
    • Zircon Orange
    • Amethyst Zircon
    • Zircon White



Daring, different, Unique. The Erase earrings amalgamate multiple baguette-cut gems, with a careful chromatic combination, where warm colors such as purple, pink, green, orange and champagne predominate, all accompanied by small round-cut white zircons. Made of sterling silver of 1st Law 925 thousandths and finished with a 18K rose gold bath. These earrings will be the attention of all eyes and perfect for special occasions.


He Vermeil Plating is a 18 kt gold coating. on sterling silver of 925 thousandths with a minimum thickness of 25 microns, without any other material between them. This plating is the highest thickness applied to jewelry, so we can guarantee that with the passage of time or use, the jewelry will not lose its color and luster, maintaining the same unalterable appearance as if it had been manufactured in solid gold. ..

DLujo applies the Vermeil plating in its highest collections, made in sterling silver and finished in yellow or rose golda


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