Anillo Ava en plata de 1º ley 925 recubierto de oro amarillo de 18 Ktes con 3 micras de espesor, el resultado de un equilibrio de contrastes en sus 5 piedras principales donde se puede observar una gema en talla triangular amarilla dos gemas talla triangular amatista que rodean a una gema talla ovalada marrón  y finalmente una gema verde esmeralda talla triangular, que, con la combinación de las pequeñas circonitas blancas hacen que la pieza parezca única y atemporal.


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  • Ava Ring
  • Material: Sterling silver 925 thousandths
  • Finish: Plated ¨Vermeil¨ in 18Kt yellow gold, (3 microns) thick.
  • Gems:
    • Zircon White
    • Zircon Yellow
    • Zircon Lavender
    • Zircon Garnet
    • Nano Emerald


The Ava ring in sterling silver 925 thousandths, with ¨Vermeil ¨ plated in 18Ktes yellow gold with 3 microns thickness, the result, a balance of contrasts in its 5 main stones, where you can see a yellow triangular cut gem, two amethyst triangular cut gems, which surround a champagne oval cut gem and finally an emerald green triangular cut gem, which in combination with small white zircons make the piece unique and timeless.


Vermeil Plated is a coating of 18 kts. sterling gold on 925 thousandths sterling silver with a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns, without any other material between. This plating is the thickest that is applied in jewellery so we can guarantee that with the passage of time or use, the jewellery will not lose its colour and lustre, maintaining the same unaltered appearance as if it had been made of solid gold.

D'Lujo applies the Vermeil plating in its highest collections, manufactured in sterling silver and finished in yellow or pink gold