Who are we?

D'Lujo designs and manufactures high-end jewellery in sterling silver (925

thousandths) with 18kt gold and rhodium finishes.

The project was created by Isabel Peña, 4th generation of one of the

families with the most jewellery tradition in Spain, from which it has inherited a

deep knowledge and respect for this trade.

That experience, makes that since its beginning D'lujo has been committed to

offer the highest quality standards in all its products,

combining innovative design with the handcrafted finish of each piece of jewellery.

Only the perfect balance between creativity and artisan tradition confers

the unmistakable character of each of our creations.

For us it is more important to create trends, than to follow fashions, because

this motif, all the D'Luxe jewels, from the most sophisticated and

glamorous of its Fiesta collection, to the simplest and freshest for the

day to day, are designed to connect with women of their time, with a

style, which are positive, independent and live with their

own rules.

"It's the little things that count for something big"