Take care your pieces

A Dlujo jewel is a timeless investment. Taking good care of your jewelry will help you maintain its splendor, shine and durability. Here are some useful tips on how to care for and maintain your jewelry, so that you always look like the first day..


Preserve your jewelry

All jewels are beautiful but delicate objects. Especially silver jewelery with a gold finish, these pieces are finished with a final coating with a thin layer of gold, this plating is sensitive to multiple factors such as friction, perfumes, creams, chemicals, sweating, pH of the skin , even external agents such as exposure to the sun or salt water.

For these reasons, we ask you to follow these little tips with which you will ensure that your jewelry remains unchanged over time.

1 After use, wipe them with a cotton handkerchief to remove any traces of chemical agents or sweat that may have adhered to their surface..

2 - It is highly recommended to store them in small plastic bags with hermetic closure that can be purchased at any establishment at a very small cost. Keep in mind that the case where we present them is not airtight, so keeping the jewels for a long time in that case does not prevent them from possible surface color alteration that the jewels may suffer.s)

3 Never store them in damp places, as moisture will cause surface oxidation that can deteriorate the jewelrys  



All Dlujo jewels have been treated with the best materials and products to achieve their final shine and luster, but even so, with daily use and outdoor exposure, they can gradually lose their initial appearance, that's why it is It is recommended to clean your jewelry every so often. For this we will give you some very simple tips that you can do at home..

In a medium container, mix a little liquid soap with hot water, put your jewelry in and let it rest for a few minutes, until the water is at room temperature, then with a soft filament brush, use a toothbrush, rub the jewelry in that Same solution, once clean you rinse them very well under the tap and to finish if you have the opportunity, you immerse them in distilled water before drying them. Finally, dry the piece well before storing it in the most recommended and appropriate wayda  so that no moisture remains is to use a hair dryer)

 Keep in mind that as we have explained previously, gold-plated pieces are delicate and require greater care, if you rub very vigorously or use a brush with very hard or abrasive filaments, you can make them lose their bath. Therefore, it is necessary to proceed with great care when cleaning them.

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